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Use of Force

Use of Force by Central Community College Employees
  • POLICY STATEMENT:  Central Community College discourages the use of force by College employees.  Employees when confronted with a threat to themselves, to others, or to college property should consider every alternative to the use of force, including retreat, whenever possible.

    USE OF FORCE IN SELF-PROTECTION:  The use of force by an employee toward another individual may be justifiable when the employee believes that such force is immediately necessary to protect himself/herself from serious bodily injury caused by the actions of another.  The use of force is not justified if the employee knows the necessity of using force can be avoided with complete safety by retreating, or by complying with a demand that  the employee abstain from any action which he/she has no responsibility to take.

    USE OF FORCE FOR THE PROTECTION OF OTHERS:  A College employee may use force on another individual for the protection of a third party under circumstances such that the third party would be justified to use force for self-protection as described in the previous paragraph and the employee believes that intervention is necessary for the protection of the third party.  The employee shall not be obligated to retreat, or to comply with a demand before using force, unless the employee believes the complete safety of the third party is assured.  If the safety of the third party can be assured if the third party retreats, the employee shall try to cause the third party to retreat prior to using force.

    USE OF FORCE FOR PROTECTION OF PROPERTY:  The use of force toward another person is inappropriate merely to protect the property of the College, its employees or students.  If it appears that an individual is damaging or is about to damage the property of the College, its employees or a student and the person cannot be persuaded to cease the destructive behavior, law enforcement should be notified immediately.

    USE OF FORCE – JUSTIFICATION:  Use of force may be justified to avoid harm to an employee or to another if the harm sought to be avoided by such conduct is greater than that sought to be prevented.  Use of force must not be used if an employee was reckless or negligent in bringing about the situation requiring a choice of harms, or in appraising the necessity of the use of force.