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Student Success Stories

Check out the success of a few students who have graduated from CCC
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    Karla thumbnail

    Karla Bennets

    If you ever speak to any adult who has ever made the decision to go back to school to pursue or complete a college degree, no doubt the word “fear” will be mentioned. The fear of paying tuition; the fear of having enough time; the fear of math, science or writing; even the fear of finding a parking spot and finding the correct classroom can cause uneasiness for those who are returning to school after a long hiatus.

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    Brandon thumbnail

    Brandon Schindel

    There are certain realities in higher education. One is that occasionally plans or priorities change and some students take a break, sometimes for an extended amount of time. Another is that occasionally plans or priorities change and some students return to finish what they started. Such was the case for Brandon Schindel, who graduated from Central Community College-Columbus with an agribusiness degree.

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    Courtney thumbnail

    Courteney Zwiebel

    When your graduating class numbers 35 and your hometown has a population of around 1,700, entering college may seem like a gigantic leap. Such was the case for CCC-Grand Island graduate Courteney Zwiebel, who hails from Ainsworth. Seeing the large populations at the state universities and even some private institutions, she opted for the smaller setting of Central Community College before enrolling in a four-year school – a stepping stone, as she calls it.

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