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General Comments and Suggestions

  • The purpose of this page is to allow people to have a voice in the continuous improvement process here at Central Community College. All suggestions and comments must be in the spirit of collegiality and improvement, however.

    *Comments or suggestions that use offensive language will be discarded.
    *Comments or suggestions for improvement that involve specific individuals should be submitted to that individual’s supervisor, not the suggestion box.
    *In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, any comment or suggestion that involves a problem or difficulty should also have a proposed solution if at all possible.

    Comments and suggestions that meet these criteria, and any follow-up responses, will be posted on the college website for at least 90 days following their receipt.

  • What is the location that your comment or suggestion pertains to?

    What is the subject of your comment or suggestion? 


    What is your comment? Please be as detailed as you can without using any specific names. 


    Please submit any appropriate suggestions that you have for improving this situation, if necessary. 


    If you know, which college employees do you feel need to be informed of this comment and/or suggestion? 


    Central Community College responds to all comments and suggestions submitted to the suggestion box as rapidly as possible. If you would like to be part of the discussion and/or know what happens because of your suggestion/comment, please fill out the following information: 

    Name (optional)   
    Email Address (optional)   
    Please only click submit once and wait for a confirmation message. 
    Thank you for your patience.