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College Costs

Excellent Value. Extraordinary Education.
  • Tuition at CCC is among the most competitive in the state, and we offer a number of financial aid programs to qualified students to help lower costs even more. 

    Bottom line: At CCC, you can invest less money in your college education without compromising the quality of your education. And that means that you can graduate from college with fewer debts and a stronger financial footing when you begin your post-college career.

    Net Price Calculator

    This Net Price Calculator will provide a preliminary estimate of federal aid eligibility, to help families gauge what aid the student may be awarded and to make arrangements to cover the cost of attendance.

    2017-18 College Costs

    College Costs Flyer

    In addition to tuition, fees, room and board listed below, students should expect other costs for books, tools, supplies, uniforms, travel, and other items. Costs will vary depending on the requirements of the program and the needs of the student.

    2017-18 Tuition and Fees (cost per credit)   




    Nebraska Resident $88 $12  $100 
    Non Resident $132  $12  $144 

    2017-18 Room and Board Rates      

    Double/Triple Occupancy      

    14 meals a week $3,264 a semester     
    19 meals a week $3,545 a semester     

    Single Occupancy       

    14 meals a week $4,892 a semester     
    19 meals a week $5,173 a semester     

    Tuition and Fees Refund

    All students who drop credits within the time periods listed below, according to the course's scheduled session length, will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Thereafter, no refund is available. Contact the Student Accounts Office for assistance.

    Scheduled Session Length           College Instructional Days           Refund               
    17 weeks or greater 0-10 Days 100%
    After 10 Days No Refund
    16-13 weeks 0-10 Days 100%
    After 10 Days No Refund
    12-9 weeks 0-7 Days 100%
    After 7 Days No Refund
    8-5 weeks 0-5 Days 100%
    After 5 Days No Refund
    4-1 weeks 0-2 Days 100%
    After 2 Days No Refund
    1-0 weeks Prior to First Class 100%
    After First Class No Refund

    One- and two-day seminars and workshops are excluded from refunds after the activity begins.

    In order to receive a refund, a student must notify the Record's Office and Student Accounts Office. Students who have credit balances will receive a refund within 60 days. 


    Nebraska Residents

    A student qualifies to register for resident tuition rates at Central Community College if he or she is not an international student or dependent with an F status and meets one of the following criteria:

    • Has a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
    • Is a minor whose parents or legal guardian have a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
    • Is married to a spouse who has a Nebraska mailing address (PO Box not acceptable).
    • Has attended or graduated from a Nebraska secondary school during the school year immediately prior to registration at CCC.

    Non-Nebraska Residents

    An individual who does not qualify for the resident tuition rate is considered a non-resident.

    If you feel you should be considered a Nebraska resident and receive in-state tuition, please contact the Admissions Office of your choice.

    CCC Admissions
    Columbus Campus: 402-562-1257
    Grand Island Campus: 308-398-7420
    Hastings Campus: 402-461-2428