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Central Honors Institute Scholarship Application

Complete the CHI scholarship application below
  • Award Criteria

    This assistance is intended to help offset camp expenses for qualifying students who are selected to attend CHI.  In order to be considered for the aid, the family must demonstrate financial need by their participation in one of several federal benefit programs.  See form for details. 

    Applicant/student must write a 100-125 word paragraph describing, in his or her own words, how he or she would benefit from attending Central Honors Institute academic camp. 

    Financial assistance is open to first-time or returning CHI campers, but receiving assistance one year does not guarantee acceptance the following year.

    Applicants must attend school in Nebraska. 

    Scholarship applications will be evaluated by a confidential review committee and recipients will be notified no later than May 31.

    Funds will be paid directly to Central Community College, for use in offsetting Central Honors Institute tuition.  If the student is unable to attend camp that summer, funds will be forfeited.

  • Central Honors Institute Application Form

    Please complete and submit by May 1, 2018

    Student's name:  
    Home address:  
    Zip code:  
    Home phone:  
    Name of school you attend:  
     I certify that I am qualified for consideration because I or my parent(s) /guardian(s) qualify for at least one of the following federal benefit programs or hardship situation:   
    Please tell us in 100-125 words how you would benefit from attending Central Honors Institute this summer.     

  • Questions?

    Contact Betsy Rall, Extended Learning Services
    Central Community College – Columbus Campus
    877-222-0780, ext. 1458 (toll-free in NE only)