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Career Pathways

Explore areas of career fields while in high school
  • High school juniors and seniors can participate in career pathways and earn a certificate at CCC. You will have the opportunity to explore areas of career fields in greater depth and precision while still in high school. Choose from 11 career pathways to prepare for high-skill careers in high-demand. Career Pathways are partnerships between your high school and the college. These programs provide flexibility for students to earn college credit while attending high school. Students may receive both high school and college credit when taking program courses. CCC credits will apply toward a certificate, diploma and associate degree. 

    Available Pathways

  • General Manufacturing

    AMDT 1000 - Blueprint Reading
    AMDT 1010 - Precision Measurement and Safety
    AMDT 1030 - Manual Machining
    AMDT 1080 - Introduction to CNC

    Agricultural Concepts

    AGRI 1030 - Intro to Ag and Natural Resources
    AGRI 1260 - Intro to Precision Agriculture
    AGRI 1310 - Plant Science
    AGRI 1350 - Plant Science Lab
    AGRI 1700 - Animal Science 

    Automotive Technology

    AUTO 1000 - Basic Shop Practices
    AUTO 1020 - Basic Shop Practices-Fasteners & Job Management
    AUTO 1100 - Automotive Electrical Systems I 
    AUTO 1200 - Manual Transmissions & Clutches 
    AUTO 1800 - Brakes, Suspension, Alignment & Tire Balancing I 

    Business Administration

    BSAD 1050 - Introduction to Business 
    BSAD 2520 - Principles of Marketing 
    BSAD 2540 - Principles of Management

    Select course elective: 3 credits from ACCT, AGRI, BSAD, BTEC, ENTR, or INFO

    Business Software

    BTEC 1110 - Computer & Internet Literacy
    BTEC 1710 - Word Specialist
    BTEC 1720 - Excel Specialist
    BTEC 1730 - PowerPoint Specialist

    Select course elective: 3 credits from:

    BTEC - 1580 - Portable Document Formatting and Forms
    BTEC 1700 - OneNote Specialist
    BTEC 1740 - Access Specialist
    BTEC 1750 - Outlook Specialist

    Program courses include three of the four specialist certifications listed

    Residential Framing

    CNST 1200 - Construction Safety 
    CNST 1400 - Residential Components 
    CNST 1500 - Residential Framing 
    CNST 1600 - Residential Exteriors
    CNST 1700 - Residential Interiors

    Drafting and Design Technology

    DSGN 1020 - CAD Fundamentals
    DSGN 1400 - Manufacturing Design Documentation
    DSGN 1610 - Architectural Design

    Select course elective: 3 credits from:

    DSGN 1200 - Structural Steel Detailing I
    DSGN 1430 - Parametric Design: SolidWorks
    DSGN 1450 - Parametric Design: Inventor

    Pre Nursing

    ENGL 1010 - English Composition I
    PSYC 2890 - Developmental Psychology
    SOCI 1010 - Intro to Sociology
    HLTH 1200 - Nursing Assistant
    NUTR 1470 - Nutrition

    Information Technology and Systems Concepts

    INFO 1100 - Intro to Information Technology & Systems
    INFO 1120 - Microcomputer Applications (elective)
    INFO 1600 - IT Support
    INFO 1670 - IT Essentials

    Graphic Arts Basic 

    MART 1200 - Digital Illustration 
    MART 1210 - Layout & Design I 
    MART 1300 - Visual Design I 
    MART 1360 - Introduction to Graphic Arts 

    Production Welding

    WELD 1250 - Blueprint Reading
    WELD 1300 - Oxyacetylene Welding I (elective)
    WELD 1320 - Cutting
    WELD 1450 - Gas Metal Arc Welding I
    WELD 1460 - Gas Metal Arch Welding II (elective)

  • career pathways

    Career Pathways may be offered at your high school as a partial or full program to prepare students for high-skill careers. In some cases, students may travel to a CCC Campus/Center or an offsite location for instruction.

    What will this cost me?

    CCC students have affordable tuition and fees. Students may have access to scholarship and foundation funding. Check with your school counselor or administrator regarding tuition assistance. Students may be responsible for tuition and textbooks.

    Tuition and Fees

    How will I benefit?

    You may receive both high school and college credit when taking program courses, saving you time and money. Career Pathways provides you an advantage to learn about career fields in greater depth and precision and introduces you to higher level coursework, promotes responsibility, creates opportunities and develops skills necessary for future success. 

    Transition Advantage Scholarship

    Students who complete 12 credit hours from CCC while in high school will be awarded an honor cord and have the opportunity to apply for CCC's transition advantage scholarship. This scholarship will fund up to 12 credit hours, split over two semesters for full-time students enrolling at CCC within 12 months from high school graduation.

    Transition Advantage Scholarship

    How do I register?

    Students will complete an ‘Early College Registration’ form before enrolling in college courses. These forms will be provided by a CCC representative or school counselor. Registered courses will reflect on your college transcript. CCC maintains transfer agreements with a number of colleges and has formal transfer agreements with several institutions.


    Jamey Peterson-Jones, Early College Director
    308-398-7581 or 877-222-0780, ext. 7581