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CCC Online FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About CCC Online
  • CCC online courses follow the same schedule as the on-campus for beginning and end dates. Some instructors could require all work to be handed in prior to the end date of the course. This provides instructor’s time to grade work and give any feedback to the students before the course is shut off.

    Online courses at CCC work as they do at most colleges and universities and are accessed through the internet. Once students enroll in a course they are given a username and password that allows them to access the WebCentral Portal where their courses are listed. At CCC we use Moodle as the course management system to facilitate our online courses. Students do not install Moodle on their computer.

    All courses offered have an online presence. Some may be Gradebook only courses that contain the Gradebook, the syllabus, the course announcements, the chat, and the attendance tool. Whereas others can contain quizzes, assignments, informational sheets, etc. It depends on the type of class for which the student is enrolled. If you’re unsure which mode of course to enroll, please contact your advisor or the registrar’s office.

    Modes offered:

    • Online Instructor paced – Deadlines set in the class that you must meet
    • Online Self-paced – Can work at own pace to have the course completed by the end of the term
    • Blended – Majority of work is completed online but may have to come to
      • Campus or Center for 1 or more meetings
      • Have proctored test – Student is responsible for securing the service of a proctor.
    • On campus lecture courses – Traditional face-to-face courses which could use Moodle for course work


    View Class Definitions

    Most online courses through CCC do not require you to come to campus. Some courses are considered “blended", which means sometime during the semester the student is required to physically be at a pre-determined location. That location could be a main campus to do hands-on work or a learning center to take proctored exams. Students can find a detailed list of Web Course meanings by clicking the button below.

    Web Course Meanings

    Online courses are normally broken down in topics to lead students through their assigned work. These assignments could include: reading chapter information, answering forum questions, downloading/uploading assignments, taking quizzes, watching videos, etc. 

    Online courses have the same academic rigor as a face-to-face courses and are held to the same academic standards.
    The content will be similar if not identical. Online courses can include assignments, presentations, discussion, projects, tests, etc. The course materials will often be reworked for online delivery, but the content remains the same. College transcripts make no distinction whether a particular course was completed online or face-to-face.

    The difficulty level of the course work is intended to be the same. Do realize, though, that you do not have the "imposed discipline" that accompanies a face-to-face course (for example, "the class meets in room 325 every M-W-F in the 3rd hour").  Being successful in an online course does require an extra measure of self-discipline, just as your face-to-face course most online courses follow a schedule and have due dates.

    Assignment deadlines exist for a good reason. However, just like face-to-face courses, things come up that might prevent a student from completing an assignment on time. As would be expected, please contact your course instructor if you encounter a situation which prevents you from completing an assignment on time. Generally instructors are very understanding if you explain the situation. It is up to the course instructor whether additional time is granted to get work in and if it will affect your grade.

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have a computer system that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware and software specifications to participate in an online course. Note that the minimum specifications may result in slow access speeds and lead to some frustration.

    Computer hardware and software requirements for CCC Online
    A laptop or desktop computer running Windows version 7 or higher or Apple Mac OS 10.6 or higher is recommended for taking online courses at Central Community College.

    Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may be used, but not all features of the CCC site are guaranteed to work with these devices. Please make sure you have a Windows or Mac operating system computer available to complete your coursework.

    Recommended browsers for CCC Online


    Minimum version          

    Recommended version          

    Google Chrome30.0Latest
    Mozilla Firefox25.0Latest
    Apple Safari6Latest
    Microsoft Internet Explorer         9Latest
         Note: Version 10 is required for drag-and-drop upload of content from outside the browser into Moodle 


    Additional software

    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Flash plug-in

    Some classes may require additional software to be installed.

    You need to determine if the advantages of online learning outweigh the disadvantages.

    Advantages: Convenient, flexible, 24/7 course access, unlimited online resources, independent working schedule

    Disadvantages: Basic Computer skills required. Generally, self-motivated, self-disciplined individuals with good reading and comprehension skills will do better in an online course than others. But this is also true of face-to-face courses.

    Take the Test

    Participants are expected to have at least …

    • A basic knowledge of how to work with their computer and its operating system.
    • A basic knowledge of software applications such as word processors, email applications, Internet browsers, and online search engines.
      NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to seek out technical assistance as needed from a local resource person. CCC cannot provide assistance on how to work with your computer and/or its programs.

    While it is the responsibility of students to seek local technical help with the computer and software they need to take an online course, technical assistance on accessing the course and working with courses will be available through CCC Online Course Helpdesk.

    Phone Helpdesk

         8 am - 9 pm Monday - Thursday
         8 am - 5 pm Friday
         Menu Option 7 or Extension # 2442
         (402-461-2442 direct)

    Central Community College Helpdesk - Online

    Yes. All student are provided access to a free “Online Moodle Student Orientation” course to help them become familiar with the online tools and activities that are commonly used in many of our online courses. Moodle contains the tools that will be used to access course materials, submit assignments, take quizzes/tests, communicate with other course participants, access your course grade, etc.

    There are several on campus or center orientations plus online webinars that students can choose from plus an online course offering located in students course list. For a detailed list of all CCC’s orientations:

    View Orientation Schedule

    CCC online courses are offered in an asynchronous format, which means students and instructors do not all have to access their course at a specific time each day, but can access and work on the course at times that are convenient to them. Students will have 24-hour access to their online course for the specified length of the course. Generally, students should log into the course daily to see if any new announcements have been posted by the course instructor or fellow classmates. In most online courses it is extremely important that students participate in the course several times per week. Specific requirements for participation will be laid out by your instructor.

    Time Management Helpful Hints

    • Create and maintain a consistent study schedule.
    • Make sure to note all due dates for each class for which you are registered.
    • Plan on submitting assignments and quizzes earlier than the date and time indicated. This gives you time to troubleshoot any issues you may have with the technology before the deadline. 

    Many online courses will use the same textbook used in a face-to-face version of the course. To find the needed textbooks, go to WebCentral and choose the My Services Tab. In the Search for Classes/Register menu, click on the My class schedule, put in the Term needed, then Submit. Choose a class in your schedule list and submit again. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the Textbook Information.

    Online students do have access to CCC library resources. Students can find the link to these resources at the top of their course page in the green bar.