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Action Projects

Continuous Quality Improvement Projects
  • The Continuous Quality Improvement Projects (Action Projects)  are designed as short term projects (6 months to 1 year) that give Central Community College the opportunity to work on specific targeted quality improvement projects.The projects strengthen an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement; educate and motivate faculty, staff, and administrators; and improve systems and processes that lead to success in achieving organizational goals.  At least one out of three or four projects the organization concentrate relates directly to Helping Students Learn.  These projects use to be referred to as action projects but the name was revised after the 2007 Strategy Forum.

    As part of the college’s overall quality improvement effort each of these projects are tied to one of the existing quality campaigns as well as supporting the mission and long term objectives of the college. All  Projects are entered into a Web-based database containing all current and successfully completed Projects undertaken by AQIP participants. The Directory can be searched by organization by following below link, by the AQIP Categories related to a project, or by keywords, and it provides details and a contact person at the organization doing the project. 

    AQIP Action Project Directory